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Val S from Brighton, Mass:

We got our wedding rings made by Karenna and they are exactly what we were looking for. She was able to use the gold my parents gave us and create something totally unique and along the lines of what we wanted.

I just showed her a couple Pinterest boards and she was able to recreate the look perfectly. I can’t wait for our 1 year anniversary so I can ask my husband to get another piece of jewelry made by Karenna :P. She’s also so easy to get along with, totally cool, and the price is so much better than fancy stores where everything looks the same. Can’t recommend Karenna enough – her work is awesome!

Ashley L from Belmont, Mass:

Karenna made me a simple yet beautiful wedding band to match my husband’s. When I picked up the band she told me I could come in anytime if I decided that it wasn’t quite right–but so far it is perfect! I wish I knew about Karenna when I was looking at engagement rings.

Katie O from Watertown, Mass:
custom made wedding bands

Katie O’s Wedding Rings

Karenna helped us pick out and design our wedding rings.  We went to her store with absolutely no idea what we wanted and a limited budget.  We didn’t have an appointment, but she sat with us and talked us through the process.

She was able to guide us to exactly what we wanted and was able to produce beautiful rings within our limited budget.  She kept us up to date on the progress and checked in when we picked up our rings making sure that we loved them.  I would highly recommend Karenna for anybody looking to have custom jewelry made.

Kara K from Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Karenna made our wedding bands. She is such a pleasure to work with and is amazing at interpreting what you want in a ring and providing her own creative suggestions and great attention to detail to make the best ring possible. I was extremely impressed with her ability to do such great work on a broad spectrum.

My band was made to match an antique engagement ring and my fiance wanted a more modern hammered copper ring. Both came out beautifully. She was very open with how we could make the pricing fit our budget (even though she had great prices to begin with!). She was very prompt with the creation process and always kept us up to date with how things were progressing. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for custom ring work. You’ll be in great hands which is quite important for something you will wear for the rest of your life!

Jane Y from Boston, Mass:

custom wedding bandsI was looking for a hand-crafted wedding band for my fiance and stumbled upon Karenna Maraj in Belmont.  I emailed first to ask about the logistics and the owner, Karenna, was very responsive and helpful.  I stopped in with some ideas and a few photos; Karenna walked through the process with me and explained all my options.  She was helpful and made great suggestions without being pushy.  It took a very short time for her to order the raw materials and create the ring.

I was thrilled with the outcome.  But, Karenna informed me that if my fiance wanted to make certain changes that would be possible.  Of course Karenna was right and my fiance wanted to make a change – which Karenna did in very short order.  She also indicated that should anything else come up she would happily address any issues we had.

It is remarkable to find such wonderful craftsmanship in tandem with great customer service! This was a wonderful experience and I am happy that smaller businesses still thrive in the area!

Emily B from Belmont, Mass:

Karenna designed my beautiful engagement ring with my now-husband’s confusion and struggle to making decisions, which is no easy feat! Then, she met with me and emailed me half a dozen times over 2 months to help design my dream wedding band, that was in no way conventional.

I gave her photos of rings that didn’t look alike, and gave her odd words to work with like “unpredictable,” and “oddly asymmetrical” and she created a ring that garners daily compliments now that I wear it. It also did not cost as much as I’m sure I would have paid for a pre-made ring from a larger store. Karenna was kind, fun to meet with, and completely flexible in this process, and I cannot recommend her any higher for custom jewelry needs!

Beth I from Belmont, MAss:

She did a beautiful job coating my wedding rings in gold after I developed a skin allergy to the platinum. I am so pleased!!!

Joyce L from Hersey, Pennsylvania:

Karenna was laid-back, patient, and helpful as my fiancé and I figured out our own design for our wedding bands. We emailed ideas back and forth and she made us a model, which we loved. I was a bit nervous about wearing a ring, since I’m not into jewelry and enjoy working with my hands in ceramics, etc. She’s a thoughtful professional and gave us good advice. We loved working with her throughout the process. We also appreciated that she works with recycled and sustainably-mined metals.

I wrote about the design of our rings in our ring vows, because they are so special to us.

Her shop had lots of lovely artisan-made jewelry made by local artists and was fun to browse as well.