Jerry G from Quincy, Mass:

Great rotating selection of new innovative design by local artisans. If you want a one-of piece of contemporary jewelry mid-range price, that’s the place. Glad I found it. Some good mens’ items, as well. It’s eclectic, not like catalogue jewelry at all. Fun and intelligent stuff.

Lauren M from Boston, Mass:

I walked into Karenna’s shop five years when I first moved to the area. I’ve since gotten to know her and seen a lot of the work she does. There are a lot of fun gifts in her shop, but in terms of being fair and hard-working, I’ve never seen anything like it. For repairs and custom projects, I would never think of going to anyone else. I’ve seen some beautiful engagement rings, wedding bands come out of her shop. And she’s done a few wonderful custom projects for me including cufflinks as a gift and a ring redesign. She’s wonderful. She doesn’t try to deceive you. She’s gets you a fair price and goes above and beyond.

Anna N from Brighton, Mass:

Karenna is the place to go for beautiful jewelry. Well priced and by far best service. Karenna is very knowledgeable and reliable I highly recommend her!

Brian K from Los Angeles, California:

Karenna’s store is filled with stunning hand-made jewelry.  I took Karenna’s jewelry-making class with my parents for my mother’s birthday, and it was perfect! Karenna was super sweet and a wonderful teacher. She gave us some options of things to make that were simple yet complicated enough to be interesting.  We came out totally delighted with a beautiful pair of earrings for my mother. Even my father enjoyed the class!! The store is VERY highly recommended for the wonderful owner, the great classes, and the beautiful pieces for sale.

Roxie D from Rockville, Maryland:

If I could give her 10 stars, I would 🙂 I took a jewelry class with Karenna and learned so, so much. She is a wonderful, patient teacher who tailored her lesson plan to my learning style and the individual project I wanted to work on. I went back a while later for a jewelry repair, which she did flawlessly. Her shop is gorgeous, her work is amazing, and her prices seem really reasonable. Plus there’s free parking all along that street. Now you have no excuse- go check out her shop today!

LL from Lexington, Mass:

The five stars are due since she not only has a great store but taught my kids. The store is a great space, you can look and feel comfortable checking stuff out without pressure, which I love… designs range from super classy exclusive styles to trendy crafts. Most things very moderately priced for what it is. Karenna did a repair for me for dirt cheap and did terrific job. Can’t say enough for her attitude of keeping a happy customer! Thanks, Karenna!

My kids took a class with Karenna in the store. She was kind, generous, and they had a great time making lots of stuff. They came home with more designer style jewelry than I imagined they’d come home with in such a short period of time, and they made it all themselves. I don’t know how she does it! Great job!

Casey F from Boston, Mass:

This store is adorable!!  They have only handmade jewelry from local artists in Boston area. What makes this place unique is great customer service and their commitment to local artisans. I don’t know much about jewelry artists in the area, but when I asked the owner if she had any locally produced pieces she showed me not just a few pieces but basically a full range of necklaces earring.

I settled for a really cool sterling silver necklace with engraved leafs which looked like it really fell from a tree. The necklace was handcrafted by a local artist from Watertown ,which I thought was a nice since I’m from there too. When my mom opened up the box she really loved the necklace.

Jenny A from Watertown, Mass:

I love this store. The customer service is off the charts friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Repair prices are incredible and I have bought unique and fun gifts for friends and family.  A GREAT PLACE!

Joyce L from Brighton, Mass:

Karenna’s work is beautiful. She was open to talking about suggestions and ideas we emailed her. She also uses recycled and sustainably sourced metals.

I don’t generally wear jewelry, but she was very reassuring and accommodating. She made a model for us so we could better see how the design works. It was a pleasure to work with her.

The shop had a lovely variety of original pieces by local jewelry artists, some nature – inspired, others more modern and geometric. Everything was reasonably priced.

Christopher H from Belmont, Mass:

Karenna is great. She has a lot of knowledge about all of the items in the store and always helps me select something beautiful for my wife or daughter. Plus, she is the only jeweler who can replace the battery in my watch!!

Kelly C from Boston, Mass:

Quality handcrafted jewelry at reasonable prices. Karenna is super easy to work. I’ve found a lot of great presents here!

Nancy B from Belmont, Mass:

One of Karenna’s strength as a jeweler is not only her amazing artistic designing talent, but her ability to listen to her customers’ wants. I was very impressed by her patience, especially with my multiple requests for design concepts and images. Her price was very reasonable and exactly as quoted. It was a pleasure to work with her!

Chris D from Acton, Mass:

Karenna Maraj jewelry is a wonderful little shop, filled with unique and exquisitely crafted items. Karenna herself is an incredible artisan who can take any design you have floating around in your head, and make it reality. You may think, ” I don’t know what I want, how can she help me?” Well let me tell you something – I had no idea what I was looking for when I arrived, but after a short conversation with Karenna, the picture became clear. If I can do it, you can too. Let Karenna help you create a genuine piece of jewelry that will make all of your friends and family ask “Where’d you get that?? I love it!!!”