Jewelry & Ring Redesign

Jewelry and ring redesign is an excellent solution for many: renewing vows, celebrating an important milestone, preserving a person’s memory, or just because you love sparkle! If you have jewelry on hand and want to refashion it into something exciting & new- like create beautiful matching custom wedding bands, or maybe avoid having to buy a custom-made engagement ring that becomes part of a long & expensive process, we can help. No matter the reason, we are happy to assist with your jewelry redesign project. Please feel free to call to set up a consultation 617.484.0645, or email  (include photos and budget if you have ideas already).

Engagement Ring REdesign: USING A FAMILY HEIRLOOM

If you have a family heirloom ring that you want to reuse, we are the experts at redesigning rings into incredible new custom pieaces. We can take your engagement ring and resize the ring so it fits, or clean, or repair the ring so that it can be worn as is. Or perhaps you love the stones and the metal holds a certain nostalgia but you want something new and modern, we can do that too. We are experts at engagement ring redesign and will work with you through Engagement Ring Redesign 1each step of the process.

Consider creating an original or redesigning an existing piece of jewelry that’s been passed on to you. Gems can normally be removed from old pieces and reused in a completely new engagement ring. It is possible to melt down old gold and reuse it in a new engagement ring. Reusing low carat gold can sometimes equal the price of buying new gold though, so this only makes sense if there is a sentimental or ethical reason to do so, or if you have a good-quantity, higher carat gold. The joy of wearing something you designed is truly exciting. You will treasure it for a lifetime, and it can be a wonderful heirloom for your family.

wedding ring redesign: Making Old new again
Wedding Ring Redesign 1

Adding Mokume to a gold family band.

When you are lucky enough to inherit a piece of jewelry from a family member, but it isn’t your style, you might feel like it is simplest to let it sit in drawer. But wedding ring redesign makes it easy to use the existing stones to make a new ring and maintain the memories. You can also combine several pieces of jewelry together to make a single wedding ring.

For a more simple improvement you can also resize an old wedding ring or add embellishment to the existing style. For example, enhancing the ring with small stones all around the band, or a special hand engraving design. 

Redesigning Jewelry

You can redesign jewelry and turn any piece into something new. Rings can become pendants and pins can be turned into bracelets. There are many great reasons to turn old into new: updating the style, a breakup, sentimentality, or even sustainability.

Jewelry Redesign 1

Heirloom bracelet melted & made into rings for each child with their birthstone.

Changing the style to make it your taste or more modern is a popular choice for jewelry redesign. Or, after a breakup or divorce you might have some jewelry that you don’t want to wear but you don’t want to get rid of either. Get rid of the bad juju and create a wonderful new piece of jewelry for the next chapter in your life. Or, many customers feel that redesigning a piece of jewelry is a celebration of their loved one. And will bring them joy whenever they wear it. Finally, perhaps

Jewelry Redesign 2

Using coins & beads from a trip

you would like to be environmentally responsible. Using stones that already exist mean less mining. We can also recycle the metal from your old pieces of jewelry to make the jewelry redesign process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our recommendation before beginning is considering what types of stones you have and where you would like to put them in the new design. Harder stones would be recommended for rings where they get more wear. The hardness and durability of the stone can found on the Mohs scale. Please feel free to call to set up a consultation 617.484.0645, or email.

Ring redesign ideas:
  1. In this example, a man lost his wife and wanted to add a few symbols to his wedding ring as a remembrance. I handmade a Trinity knot and added 2 bezel set amethyst stones on either side, for her birth month of February.Ring Redesign Ideas 1


2. This really awesome diamond ring didn’t work well with the wedding band. Her ring redesign idea was to combine both rings together. We used the top of the original ring and made a new shank. Here are some of the early sketches to try and narrow down an idea. From there we went into 3 versions of CAD renderings and the last classic design was a winner. You can see the final result is stunning.
Ring Redesign Ideas 2

3. This engagement & wedding ring redesign happened after her ring got mangled in a dog walking accident. Don’t worry, her finger was just fine. She decided that she needed a new, sturdier ring and wanted to re-use all of her stones.

Ring Redesign Ideas 3


4. This engagement ring is amazing with lots of big diamonds. But after 30 years she thought she needed a ring redesign and wanted to have something bold but simple. She loves jewelry and has several large rings that she wears every day. We were able to come up with a ring redesign idea with a two tone look, sturdy bezel setting and the crown jewel in the center.Ring Redesign Ideas 4


More After photos:

Ring Redesign Ideas 5

Redesign testimonial:

The five stars are due since she not only has a great store but taught my kids. The store is a great space, you can look and feel comfortable checking stuff out without pressure, which I love… designs range from super classy exclusive styles to trendy crafts. Most things very moderately priced for what it is. Karenna also did a repair for me for dirt cheap and did terrific job. Can’t say enough for her attitude of keeping a happy customer! Thanks, Karenna!

My kids took a class with Karenna in the store. She was kind, generous, and they had a great time making things. They came home with more designer-style jewelry than I imagined they’d come home with in such a short period of time, and they made it all themselves. I don’t know how she does it! Great job! -LL from Lexington, MA

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