Jewelry redesign is an excellent solution for many. Renewing vows. Celebrating an important milestone. Or just because you love sparkle. No matter the reason, I am happy to assist with your engagement ring redesign project. Please feel free to call to set up a consultation, or email me (include photos and budget if you have ideas already).

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The five stars are due since she not only has a great store but taught my kids. The store is a great space, you can look and feel comfortable checking stuff out without pressure, which I love… designs range from super classy exclusive styles to trendy crafts. Most things very moderately priced for what it is. Karenna did a repair for me for dirt cheap and did terrific job. Can’t say enough for her attitude of keeping a happy customer! Thanks, Karenna!

My kids took a class with Karenna in the store. She was kind, generous, and they had a great time making lots of stuff. They came home with more designer style jewelry than I imagined they’d come home with in such a short period of time, and they made it all themselves. I don’t know how she does it! Great job!

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