Jewelry Making Classes

karenna maraj jewelry making classesIf you are interested in learning how to design and create your own jewelry, then our jewelry making classes are for you! Jewelry making classes are available for both beginner and intermediate students who want to gain and expand techniques in metalsmithing, design,and finishing. Students will be able to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more.

You can also learn:

  • Techniques such as sawing, filing, soldering, annealing, and hammering.
  • To use a jewelers saw to pierce sheet metal.
  • How to manipulate metals with texture and incorporate patterns.
  • Important safety precautions.
  • Patinas, polishing and finishing techniques.

karenna maraj jewelry making classesInstructor: Rhode Island School of Design graduate Karenna Maraj guides students to create their very own inspired works of art by demonstrating the fundamentals of metalsmithing. New students will begin by learning the basics of sawing, filing and sodering. Intermediate students will enhance and increase their skills through practice and new techniques. The foundation of jewelry and will be displayed through step-by-step examples and one-on-one help. Karenna will also work with students to create individual designs that reflect their vision and personality. The amount of work produced will vary depending on individual progress. Students have the flexibility to address both their wants and needs. Students will find metalsmithing very rewarding!

Current Available Classes:

Lexington Community Education regularly runs our classes: Click here to sign up!

Jewelry Making classes: A Testimonial

The five stars are due since she not only has a great store but taught my kids. The store is a great space, you can look and feel comfortable checking stuff out without pressure, which I love… designs range from super classy exclusive styles to trendy crafts. Most things very moderately priced for what it is. Karenna did a repair for me for dirt cheap and did terrific job. Can’t say enough for her attitude of keeping a happy customer! Thanks, Karenna!

My kids took a class with Karenna in the store. She was kind, generous, and they had a great time making lots of stuff. They came home with more designer style jewelry than I imagined they’d come home with in such a short period of time, and they made it all themselves. I don’t know how she does it! Great job! – LL FROM LEXINGTON, MASS 

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