Jewelry Making Classes Near Boston

If you are interested in learning how to design and create your own jewelry, then our Massachusetts-based jewelry making classes are for you! Our metalsmithing & jewelry making classes are available for both beginner and intermediate students who want to gain and expand techniques in metalsmithing, beading, design and finishing. Students will be able to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more.

You can learn:karenna maraj jewelry making classes

  • Techniques such as filing, soldering, annealing, and hammering.
  • To use a jewelers saw to pierce sheet metal.
  • How to manipulate metals with texture and incorporate patterns.
  • Important safety precautions.
  • Patinas, polishing and finishing techniques.

Instructor Karenna Maraj: Rhode Island School of Design graduate Karenna Maraj guides students to create their very own inspired works of art by demonstrating the fundamentals of metalsmithing. New students will begin by learning the basics of sawing, filing and soldering. Intermediate students will enhance and increase their skills through practice and new techniques. The foundation of jewelry and will be displayed through step-by-step examples and one-on-one help. Karenna will also work with students to create individual designs that reflect
karenna maraj jewelry making classes their vision and personality. The amount of work produced will vary depending on individual progress. Students have the flexibility to address both their wants and needs, and in turn will find metalsmithing very rewarding!

Current Available Classes:

Lexington, MA Community Education regularly runs our classes: Class Full

Arlington, MA Community Education regularly runs our classes: Class Full

Jewelry Making FAQs

Where to learn jewelry making?

Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection is a great place to take jewelry making & design classes near you in the Boston, MA area. We offer a complete range of techniques and individual attention. In our Belmont, MA jewelry making studio we have free on street parking for up to 2 hours during the day and unlimited hours after 4pm. We also have a jewelry gallery in the front of the workshop that inspires students with what they can learn and accomplish! Email, call (617.484.0645) or stop by Karenna Maraj Jewelry to set up a class.

How to learn to make jewelry?

The best way to learn to make jewelry is to sign up for a beginner metalsmithing class. Once you have taken a class it is recommended that you practice the technique over and over again. The only way to improve your skills and become proficient is to repeat what you learned. You can slowly start adding techniques as you practice, asking an instructor for the next logical technique.

How to make jewelry for beginners?

Getting started in jewelry making & design as a beginner might be a challenge because of all of the tools, materials, terminology, and techniques. The best recommended way to make jewelry for beginners is to decide which type of jewelry you are interested in making. Do you fancy beautiful beads & funky wire wrapping or are you interested in stone setting & soldering? Narrowing down your interests might be hard, but it will helpful in making sure that you don’t get overwhelmed and spend too much money on supplies & materials. If you need help be sure to email, call (617.484.0645) or stop by Karenna Maraj Jewelry in Cushing Square Belmont to get more information.

How to make metal jewelry?

Taking a Bangle & Charm making class is a great way to start making metal jewelry. This class covers many of the tools of the trade: pliers, hammers, mandrel, stamps, flex shaft, soldering, sanding, and finishing. In this 2 hour class you can will create 4 bangle bracelets with hand cut and stamped charms. You can use copper, nickel or brass wire for those that have never soldered before, or sterling silver if you are experienced. Students leave this class thrilled at what they accomplished and proud to show them off to everyone!

How to make beaded jewelry?

Collecting special and unique beads is fun. Using the beads to make beaded jewelry requires imagination, planning, and patience. Using a bead board can be helpful to see how you want the beads of a necklace laid out. Stringing on nylon and holding the necklace up in the mirror is also an easy way to see how long the necklace is and how it looks on you. Take a class to learn how to attach a clasp and make matching earrings from head pins and ear wires.

 How to make sea glass jewelry?

A favorite way to pass time on the beach is to look for beautiful pieces of sea glass. But what do you do with all of those amazing pieces that you found? Take a wire wrapping class to learn how to bind the sea glass into pendants or necklaces. Or bring your pile to our shop in Belmont, MA and ask us to drill holes in the glass so that you can string the sea glass with other beads. Even set up a private lesson to learn how to make a prong or bezel setting for your distinctive piece of sea glass. Email, call (617.484.0645), or visit today.


The five stars are due since she not only has a great store but taught my kids. The Belmpnt store and studio is a great space, you can look and feel comfortable checking stuff out without pressure, which I love… designs range from super classy exclusive styles to trendy crafts. Most things very moderately priced for what it is. Karenna did a repair for me for dirt cheap and did terrific job. Can’t say enough for her attitude of keeping a happy customer! Thanks, Karenna!

My kids took a class with Karenna in the store. She was kind, generous, and they had a great time making lots of stuff. They came home with more designer style jewelry than I imagined they’d come home with in such a short period of time, and they made it all themselves. I don’t know how she does it! Great job! – LL From Lexington, MA

How to make wire jewelry?

Bead stringing can produce stunning pieces of jewelry, but have you considered adding embellishments like wire? Making wire jewelry is about putting components together in unique ways. The wire integrates all of the pieces together to give it one unifying look. You can make everything from rings & pins to pendants & earrings.

How to make jewelry with stones?

Gemstone-enhanced jewelry is stunning and desirable. You can learn to make jewelry with stones, both faceted and cabochons, with practice and patience. The easiest way to begin is with a cabochon and a bezel setting. You can also make jewelry with found stones, pebbles and other natural elements. Want us to do the work for you? Bring your stones to our shop in Cushing Square Belmont, MA.

 How to make copper jewelry?

Making copper jewelry is fun and inexpensive! Copper is a soft metal that can easily be manipulated, soldered and transformed into stunning works of art. The copper surface also takes a variety of patinas to transform the surface color into green, blue, black or even a rainbow. Copper is a great metal to practice your jewelry making skills since it is inexpensive and comes in a variety of milled products (i.e. wire, sheet, tube and strip).