Jewelry engraving is a wonderful way to turn a simple piece of metal into a unique piece of jewelry that tells someone how you truly feel about them. With jewelry engraving, you are able to put your own personal message into a piece of special jewelry.

Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection utilizes the latest technology to deliver outstanding craftsmanship. Whether you have a single piece or several pieces to be engraved, we can assist in meeting your needs.

At Karenna Maraj Jewelry, we can engrave fine text in any font you wish. The most popular fonts selected by people for engraving is cursive style as well as Tahoma, Veranda, Times Roman, Monotype Corsiva, etc. Samples are available in the store to help you make an informed decision. We provide a superior engraving service on many jewelry items and surfaces for both computerized and hand engraving, including:

• Bracelets
• Rings
• Wedding Bands
• Pendants
• Cufflinks
• Bangles
• Anklets


When my mother died, I wanted my children to have a special token to remember her always. I brought in necklaces my daughters had received from their grandma and asked Karenna to put a little message on the back of each charm. Karenna was very sensitive to my loss and had the engraving done on the necklaces quickly and affordability. I cannot thank her enough. – Grace from Belmont, Mass.

For my now wife’s engagement ring, she wanted a very simple design, however, I am a little more alternative. Karenna advised me that I should stick to the design that my wife–girlfriend at the time–wanted. She was absolutely right. Luckily, I listened to her because I think my wife would have been very upset with my style preferences. Karenna suggested I write a little to go on the inside to give it a more personal touch. I never would have thought of it but it was the perfect compromise! Thank you, Karenna!! – David T. from Boston, Mass.