Jewelry Engraving

Jewelry engraving is a wonderful way to turn a simple piece of metal into a unique piece of jewelry that tells someone how you truly feel about them. With jewelry engraving, you are able to put your own personal message into a piece of special jewelry.

Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection utilizes the latest technology to deliver outstanding craftsmanship. Whether you have a single piece or several pieces to be engraved, we can assist in meeting your needs.

At Karenna Maraj Jewelry, we can engrave fine text in a variety of fonts. Samples are available in the store to help you make an informed decision. We provide a superior engraving service on many jewelry items and surfaces for both computerized and hand engraving, including:

• Bracelets
• Rings
• Wedding Bands
• Pendants
• Cufflinks
• Bangles
• Anklets

Jewelry Engraving Services FAQs

How to engrave jewelry & metal?

There are a few different ways of doing metal & jewelry engraving and it depends on size, shape, object and type of material. At Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection, in Cushing Square Belmont, we offer a variety of jewelry & metal engraving services to meet your needs.

The most popular way to engrave metal is on the inside ring inscription engraving is machine engraving. The ring is secured in a vice while a sharp metal tool traces a template of the letter or symbol that is being inscribed. The inscriptions aren’t super deep but they are neat and uniform. Silver cups and bowls are also engraved with machine engraving.

Laser jewelry engraving is flexible with size and styles of fonts and images but the machines are very expensive. If you have an item made out of wood, plastic, glass or a contemporary / alternative metal ring your item will be engraved with a laser. The laser is connected to a computer that will work off any image, font or symbol entered into it. The operator can also decide on different dwell times with the laser beam so tungsten, titanium and stainless steel (contemporary/ alternative metals) are easily engraved.

Rotary engraving of jewelry is done with a rotary cutting tool on a motorized spindle. The engraving comes out deeper but with softer edges. It takes the shape and dimension of the cutter.

Hand engraving of jewelry has been around for thousands of years and the options are limitless. The jewelry engraver doesn’t need to follow a template or pattern and the engraving is deep so that it lasts longer. Each letter can have a variation from deep to shallow and back again. There can also be slight imperfections; this gives the letters artistry, uniqueness and interest.

What does engraving jewelry mean?

In jewelry, “engraving” means to carve into the metal to create letters or symbols. It is an art or a technique that can be done by hand or with a machine. Often rings are engraved with an inscription on the inside with a date, initials or a short phrase. Trophies, bowls and cups in many different types of materials can also be engraved.

What to engrave on a watch?

Watches are some of the most popular items to get engraved with something special, but it’s worth asking what to engrave on a watch. Consider putting a date that mean something to the receiver, a nickname, an inspirational quote, a reminder or even a simple “I love you.” Watches make a statement and your personalized message should as well. There are a multitude of watch engraving options and getting creative makes it fun!

What to engrave on wedding bands & wedding rings?

Many people decide to have engraving on their wedding bands and wedding rings. Typically, there is room for about 30 spaces (including spaces) on the inside of a wedding band, but that will fluctuate on the size of the ring. If your ring is small there will be less room, and if it is large there will be more room. The wedding date and the couple’s initials are the most common to inscribe. A short saying, like “my heart,” “my love,” or “forever” are popular. Or each ring gets part of a saying- for example “to the stars” on one ring and “and back again” on the other ring.

Please keep in mind that a band should be at least 2mm wide to have an engraving done. If it is too narrow it can be tricky to line up and the letters will be hard to read.


For my now wife’s engagement ring, she wanted a very simple design, however, I am a little more alternative. Karenna advised me that I should stick to the design that my wife–girlfriend at the time–wanted. She was absolutely right. Luckily, I listened to her because I think my wife would have been very upset with my style preferences. Karenna suggested I write a little to go on the inside to give it a more personal touch. I never would have thought of it but it was the perfect compromise! Thank you, Karenna!! – David T. from Boston, MA.

What to engrave on a ring?

Depending on the style of ring you have many engraving options. On a signet ring there is plenty of room on the top of the ring to engrave a design, logo or a monogram. On wedding bands there is room to inscribe a saying. On an engagement ring there usually isn’t too much room because of the diamond, or diamonds, on one side. There is about 15 characters (including spaces) to use depending on the style. If you say “I love you” that is 8 letters + 2 spaces= 10 characters. Each ring is different depending on design and finger size. It is best to come in and ask Karenna what will fit best in the space you have. She will also be happy to help you come up with ideas of what to write and if you should get block or script font.

Where can I get something engraved?

If you’re wondering where to get watches or jewelry engraved, it’s easy!  Visit Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection in Belmont, MA and enjoy all types of engraving- jewelry, watches, cups, bowls and much more. You can give us a call to find out costs and what our turnaround time is; or you can just stop by in Cushing Square.


When my mother died, I wanted my children to have a special token to remember her always. I brought in necklaces my daughters had received from their grandma and asked Karenna to provide her excellent jewelry engraving services and put a little message on the back of each charm. Karenna was very sensitive to my loss and had the engraving done on the necklaces quickly and affordability. I cannot thank her enough. – Grace from Belmont, MA.

Where can I get a watch engraved?

At Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection in Belmont, MA, you can get a watch engraved quickly and expertly. We are happy to help you decide what area of the watch to engrave and which font you would like. Something to consider, watches can have the brand name and model number on the back so space can be limited. We can often put an engraving in 2 places if space is limited. Email, call 617.484.0645 or stop by our Cushing Square location.

How much does engraving jewelry cost?

To know how much engraving jewelry or watches costs, it depends what you are getting engraved. On average, you can expect engraving to cost about $40 for the inside of a ring. Cups and bowls can cost about $60. Laser engraving usually starts at about $80. Hand engraving is about $60 for the first 3 letters and $15 for each additional letter.

We hope this information on watch & jewelry engraving has been useful!  If you’re in the Boston area and are interested in engraving jewelry, watches, flatware or anything else, visit Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection for the best in local jewelry engraving services.