Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is an exciting experience. An engagement ring is unlike any other piece of jewelry you will give to your partner. I hope you will become a lifelong customer. As a small business owner, I am able to give my couples the time and attention they deserve.


Quick Guide to Help Learn More About the Wonderful World of Engagement Rings!


Engagement rings serve as a symbol to mark a very special occasion. You give one to your partner as the outward symbol of your commitment to marry one another–a meaningful and enjoyable part of being married.

Why Choose KMJ

It’s hard for me to admit, but I didn’t always know why my business stood out among others. I thought it was because of my education from the Rhode Island School of Design and my dedication to quality, craft, and excellence. All of that does play a role, however, mostly couples say they enjoy working with me because they never feel intimidated.  I was surprised to hear this.

Rather than dictate how a project should go, I like to lay out all the options–giving the benefits of each. From there, I trust my customers to make a decision that reflects their personal style. An engagement ring is a big purchase. It’s a beautiful symbol of your love. My objective is to make sure the couple walks away delighted with the final product.

I am honored to  be a part of every engagement ring story I am able to be part of. Each project is special to me. A friend of mine always loves to say I bring as much enthusiasm to my $30 projects as I do to my $10,000 ones. That to me is the greatest compliment.

Deciding What You Want To Spend

Some convincing marketing campaigns say engagement ring should twice or even three times a men’s net monthly salary. Times have changed. Our advice is to spend what feels right.

Every partner deserves the biggest diamond in the world, but who needs to start life married in debt? Engagement rings vary widely. Given that, the prices range. I specialize in maximizing budgets to get the most for your money.

If you haven’t discussed the price with your partner, or you simply don’t want your partner to know how much you are spending, I can help. Grooms often ask me what to do when his bride loves an expensive ring. There is always a solution. I completely understand. You can always call us ahead of your visit to get a sense of pricing, or email for options in advance if you are coming in with your partner.

Buying Together or Buying Alone?

The romantic side of you says, “I’ll buy the ring by myself and it will be a surprise.” There are lots of ways to propose and surprise her with an appointment to design the ring of her dreams. Plenty of couples design their engagement rings together.

If you have your heart set on a traditional, surprise engagement, there are ways to find out what she wants. Asking friends and family, or even looking on her social media sites like Pintrest can be a helpful guide to what she likes.

Making Old New: Using a Family Heirloom

If you have a family heirloom ring that you want to use, we can resize the ring so it fits, clean or repair the ring so that it can be worn as is. Or perhaps you love the stones and the metal holds a certain nostalgia but you want something new and modern, we can do that too.

Consider creating an original or redesigning an existing piece of jewelry that’s been passed on to you. Gems can normally be removed from old pieces and reused in a completely new engagement ring. It is possible to melt down old gold and reuse it in a new engagement ring. Reusing low carat gold can sometimes equal the price of buying new gold though, so this only makes sense if there is a sentimental or ethical reason to do so, or if you have a good-quantity, higher carat gold. The joy of wearing something you designed is truly exciting. You will treasure it for a lifetime, and it can be a wonderful heirloom for your family.

So How Do You Tell The Quality Of Diamond?

Don’t even try. At Karenna Maraj, I can explain the fundamentals that decide the stone’s value. These main factors are color, clarity, cut and carat. But it takes years to know diamonds. Smaller diamonds are graded “collection quality”–this means that they are the finest white, brightest and cleanest diamonds that are perfect under 10x magnification.

How Long

Most design projects take three to four weeks from start to finish. After the initial consultation, you will see the start of your project within a week. Here are the basic steps:

  • 1: Initial consultation to discuss concept, budget, and timeline.
  • 2: I will send you pricing options.
  • 3: Creating a rendering. At this time, you will be able to make edits to the design if you have any tweaks to make it just right.
  • 4: A wax mold is made of the ring and then the ring is caste.
  • 5: The stones are set and the fine details are added.
  • 6: Saying YES!

If you have a particularly tight timeline, please let me know and I can try to meet your needs.

Consultation & Design

For the consultation, please feel free to bring in pictures from magazines, online, or your own sketches and ideas. This will be very helpful to get started. During the consultation, I will ask you many questions that will be used to figure out exactly what you need and want.

We will discuss possibilities and then finalize and review the process with you. A quote for your project will also be provided. Email or call (617.484.0645) me today to get started. I am excited to hear from you!

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