Engagement Ring Testimonials

Christopher C from Watertown, Mass:

My fiancée and I had an incredible experience with Karenna. She was accommodating at all times and able to give us complete and undivided attention when other jewelers we visited seemed impatient and frustrated when we wanted to look at more than a few rings without necessarily intending to buy that day.

Fairly quickly, after coming to Karenna’s shop, we decided that we were going to do our engagement ring through her. I came back to her with a concept for a ring and she said “Yeah, I can do that!” and she really could! She kept me in touch every step along the way and was always great to deal with. I loved the final product, my fiancée loved the ring, and we will be going back there for our wedding bands in the next few months.

Kevin from Watertown, Mass:

Karenna created a beautiful jade engagement ring based on my input that my fiancée absolutely loves. Karenna was very helpful, patient and not at all pressuring with one of the most important purchase decisions I’ve ever made. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for a custom piece of jewelry!

Rich B from Providence, RI:

The Short:  Karenna makes the process of buying an engagement ring very simple and is easy.  I will work with her again on wedding bands without a question.

The Long:  When trying to pick out an engagement ring working with Karenna at Karenna Maraj Jewelry is the way to go.  Recommended to me by a friend who had recently purchased an engagement ring. He told me that she was super easy to work with and made the process simple. I could not agree with him more.

I started off by talking with Karenna on the phone and then we emailed back and forth. I was able to show styles from my then girlfriend’s pintrest page.  Karenna then showed me a few different styles and discussed with me which one is more of a current trend and something that is a classic style.  Once the style had been picked out we went on to searching for the center stone. Karenna helped me work through the 4 C’s and which ones I should pay more attention to based on what I was looking for.  She gave me a few choices on the diamond.  I made my decision and could not be happier with how it all turned out.  If you are looking for an engagement ring or any type of jewelry definitely talk with Karenna first.

Emily B from Belmont, Mass:

Karenna designed my beautiful engagement ring with my now-husband’s confusion and struggle to making decisions, which is no easy feat! Then, she met with me and emailed me half a dozen times over 2 months to help design my dream wedding band, that was in no way conventional. I gave her photos of rings that didn’t look alike, and gave her odd words to work with like “unpredictable,” and “asymmetrical.” She created a ring that garners daily compliments now that I wear it. It also did not cost as much as I’m sure I would have paid for a pre-made ring from a larger store. Karenna was kind, fun to meet with, and completely flexible in this process. I cannot recommend her any higher for custom jewelry needs!

Savanna L from New York, NY:

Karenna is amazing! She created and helped design our wedding rings and my engagement ring. They are spectacular, unique and gorgeous! She was so easy to work with and we only communicated via email. The only thing I will say is when she gives you a 3D rendering that is what it will look like exactly. So pay attention and make sure because once it’s done you can’t really go back. I hope to meet her in real life!

Bridget C from Boston, Mass:

This is long overdue but she did my engagement ring and our wedding bands. They are absolutely beautiful.  I could not be happier than with this ring! She was so easy to work with and was great with suggestions and really making it our rings. We both love our rings so much. She also made a beautiful necklace for my husband to present to present to our daughter. She is just fantastic.  You can’t go wrong here.

Mike O from Watertown, Mass: