Karenna Maraj is 100% committed to our customers. We help you make the best purchase decision possible. Whether you shop online or in the KMJ store, we are here to make the jewelry buying process as simple as possible. To learn more about the materials used in the store, read below for your introduction to jewelry education.


Gemstones are very rare, however, some are much rarer than others. The range of Gemstone color, size and shape is almost immeasurable , which is why we happily assist you to find the perfect Gemstone. Learn more about gemstones »

Diamond Guide

Diamonds are classified with the 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight). Our jewelry education page guides you through these unique characteristics. Learn more about diamonds »

Precious Metals

There are several metals used to make jewelry. We recommend metals based on desired style, budget, and durability. Learn more about precious metals »

Jewelry Care

Jewelry care is important. With the right care, your jewelry sparkles and shines. Here are a few simple tips to help you store your jewelry properly. Learn more about our jewelry care»

Anniversary Gemstones

Classic anniversary gemstones are a great gift for your significant one on your special anniversary date. To learn more about the list: See anniversary gem list »

Birthstones by Month

What is your birthstone? There is a gemstone for each month. And, each gemstone has a speical meaning. Some believe that your gemstone brings good luck and health. See what your birthstones is »