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Choosing your wedding rings as a couple is an exhilarating experience. Your wedding ring or wedding band should be a reflection of your personal style since it is something you will wear every day. Given that fact, you will also want it to match your lifestyle. From chefs to rock climbers and preschool teachers to CrossFit enthusiasts we have helped couples find a wedding ring that works for their day-to-day life. We offer ready-made wedding rings andCustom Wedding Rings 1 are also experts at working with you to create custom wedding bands to bring your vision to life! As Belmont’s wedding band professionals we will make sure you both walk away with a wedding band you love! We are a small business, and not a corporation or chain so you will get the attention you deserve. We hope you will be a customer for life!


We offer a large selection of ready-made wedding rings from several vendors (some are even local!). We have everything from classic, to contemporary, to trendy & non-traditional. Looking for couples wedding bands, we have those too. Rings come in many metal types: silver, gold, platinum, or even tungsten & titanium.

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At Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection, located in Belmont, MA, I specialize in custom-made wedding bands and rings. When you make your custom wedding bands here, you experience our personal service and delicate craftsmanship. Creating your custom wedding bands with us will ensure that it will match your vision. Any design or metal is possible. I can match your wedding ring perfectly with your engagement ring, if that is your vision.

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Please call 617.484.0645 or email to set up an appointment at our Belmont, MA location. For the consultation please feel free to bring in pictures from magazines, online, or your own sketches and ideas. This will be very helpful to get started. During the consultation, I will ask questions that will be used to figure out exactly what you need and want so that we can create your wedding ring drawing.
After the consultation, you will receive a quote for your project. From there, the design process can  begin!

WHY buy your Custom wedding bands at KARENNA MARAJ JEWELRY?

I believed I knew why people choose me. I thought it was because of my education from the Rhode Island School of Design and my dedication to quality, craft, and excellence. All of that does play a role, but mostly couples have told me they enjoy working with me because they never feel intimidated.  I was surprised to hear this because it’s hard for me to put myself on the other side of the purchase since I live and breathe jewelry every day of my life. However, my wonderful customers insist that I have a unique approach, which makes them feel comfortable and in control.Custom Wedding Rings 3

Rather than dictate how a project should go, I like to lay out all the options–giving the benefits of each. From there, I trust my customers to make a decision that reflects their personal style. Selecting your wedding bands is a big decision. These rings will serve as a beautiful symbol of your love that you will see every day. My objective is to make sure the couple walks away delighted with the final product.

I am honored by every love story I am able to be part of. Each project is special to me. A friend of mine always loves to say that I bring as much enthusiasm to my $30 projects as I do to my $10,000 ones. That to me is the greatest compliment.

Wedding Rings & Bands FAQs

How to buy a Wedding Ring?Custom-Made Wedding Ring - 6

There are many factors to think about when deciding on wedding rings or bands. We suggest that the best way to buy a wedding ring is to choose a ring that is appropriate for your lifestyle; Type of metal, width of band and comfort are essential. You should also choose a wedding band that reflects your personality, especially if it a custom wedding band that has been made according to your vision. You may want to think about — What designs do you like, should your band have gemstones, or will you choose matching bands?

Women should consider the look and feel next to their engagement ring if they decide to wear them together.  Also, keep in mind wedding rings do not have to match if one partner likes white gold and the other prefers yellow gold. After all, it is a ring that you will be wearing for a long time! It is important when buying a wedding ring that you choose a ring that is not only appropriate for your lifestyle and personality but one that you are excited to wear and fits within your budget.Custom-Made Wedding Ring - 7

How much to spend on a wedding ring?

How much you spend on a wedding ring should feel comfortable, and your budget should be completely up to you. At Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection we have something to fit your needs- no matter how much, or how little you want to spend. Even a plain sterling silver band can serve the purpose, or alternatively we can help you build the custom wedding brand of your dreams. Keep in mind the rings you exchange will become the touchstone on both difficult and joyous days. They are a constant reminder that your partner loves and supports you. Long after your wedding flowers are dried up and your wedding photos tucked away, you will still be wearing and enjoying your wedding bands.Custom-Made Wedding Ring - 8

How much does the average wedding ring cost?

In 2019 the national average for a bride and groom couple’s wedding rings is $1800. The average wedding ring for the groom costs about $468. The average cost for the bride’s wedding ring is about $1332. The most popular metal for the rings is white gold. Whatever your preference make sure to call 617.484.0645, email or stop in to our Belmont, MA location to see what we have to offer.

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How long does the process take?

Most custom wedding band design projects take 3-4 weeks from start to finish. After the initial consultation, you will receive cost estimates. You can even see drawings and CAD renderings of your design within one week. If you have a rush order, please let us know your timeline and we will try to meet your needs.

Should wedding bands match?

 Matching wedding bands is a very personal preference. Traditionally wedding bands matched, but modern couples shouldn’t feel that way. There is no standard– the bands are an custom wedding bands 4expression of your love for each other and it is truly up to you as a couple. In our experience couples don’t often match and when they do it is usually because one partner doesn’t have a strong opinion for a variety of different reason. If there is an engagement ring that usually has an impact on what matches best with it.

Who buys the man’s wedding band?

Traditionally it is the bride that purchases the wedding bands. In more inclusive terms one half of the couple will buy the rings for both partners. But in modern times who buys the man’s ring is up for grabs. You can each pay for your own ring or you can choose to buy your partners’ ring as a gift and have them do the same for you. Splitting the cost of the rings is very common and is sometimes grouped in with the total expense of the wedding. Talking it out and coming to a mutual agreement is the best action. It’s all about what works best for you and your significant other.

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What does the wedding band symbolize?

The wedding ring symbolizes love, devotion, honor, commitment, and respect. The ring in its simplest form is an endless circle, which means forever, never ending love. The symbolism has stayed the same throughout time and over continents. It says, I love you and I want to be with you forever.

The look of the wedding ring has changed. As different civilizations have changed the look has evolved as well and become more and more beautiful–from the Egyptian’s woven vine to today’s diamond styles.

Which finger & what hand does the wedding ring go on?Custom-Made Wedding Ring - 10

The wedding ring goes on the 4th finger (ring finger) of the left hand in the US and many Western countries. But different countries have different traditions. Northern & Eastern Europe will wear wedding bands on the right hand. Some places also wear rings on both hands, or get engaged with one hand and married with the other.

 How to wear a wedding ring?

The traditional way to wear your wedding ring is to have it first on your finger, on the inside or bottom. On the wedding day you take off the engagement ring and place it on your right hand. During the exchanging of vows your partner will place the wedding band on your left ring finger. Custom-Made Wedding Ring - 11Afterwards you can put your engagement ring back on your left hand, on top or outside of the wedding ring. This custom originated in Egypt, where people believed that the vein in that finger went directly to the heart.

Some women will keep the engagement ring on the right hand, fuse the 2 rings together or  even stop wearing it. But the choice is yours to make your own custom wedding set.

How to clean wedding rings?

You can clean your wedding rings at home with liquid jewelry cleaner and a polishing cloth. But to get your rings truly polished bring them in to Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection to have them professionally cleaned. We can buff off any light scratches and re-polish your rings to look like new. We also do refinishing if you had a satin/ brushed finish or whatever your original finishing was.  Have other items that need to be polished? We are happy to clean and polish those as well.

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Read our Wedding Band Testimonials
Custom Wedding Ring TESTIMONIAL:

Looking for a hand-crafted wedding band for my fiance, I stumbled upon Karenna Maraj in Belmont. I emailed first to ask about the logistics and the owner, Karenna, was very responsive and helpful. Karenna walked through the process with me and explained all my options after I showed her a few photos.  She was helpful and made great suggestions without being pushy.  It took a very short time for her to order the raw materials and create the ring.

I was thrilled with the outcome.  But, Karenna informed me that if my fiance wanted to make certain changes that would be possible.  Of course Karenna was right and my fiance wanted to make a change – which Karenna did in very short order.  She also indicated that should anything else come up she would happily address any issues we had.

It is remarkable to find such wonderful craftsmanship in tandem with great customer service! This was a wonderful experience and I am happy that smaller businesses still thrive in the area!                 -Jane Y. from Boston, MA

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