Custom Jewelry Design

Design Your Own Jewelry

Often customers come in for custom jewelry design because they’ve seen something online, in a magazine or on TV, but they want to make the design their own. Other custom design projects include using jewelry they have inherited or jewelry they rarely wear anymore. Updating styles and repurposing stones can lead to a great new piece– and the process is fun!

Take a look at these example custom jewelry design projects to see your idea grow and come to life, from the initial sketch to the final product.


Custom Project Gallery

Custom Jewelry Design FAQs

How to custom design jewelry?

Designing jewelry is a fun and exciting process. Calling us at 617.484.0645 or schedule an appointment in our greater Boston, MA shop is the best way to get started and talk to us about your custom jewelry design ideas. Telling a professional what you have in mind and getting feedback can move the process from idea into implementation. Usually a few emails with pictures are exchanged and we will give suggestions as needed. First, we will provide a pencil sketch or CAD rendering, then a wax model or metal model, and lastly the final piece. Finalizing the design can be the hardest part with so many options out there, but it is also the most enjoyable part!

Custom Jewelry Design Testimonial:

I have worked with Karenna on two custom projects. For one, I wanted to buy a unique gift for my boyfriend, who is a tennis lover. It can be so hard to shop for men. So, I gave her some parameters. I wanted the gift to be interesting but not cheesy like tennis racquet cufflinks. She came up with an awesome idea to make the outline of the court on each cufflink. It was a nice way of incorporating what he loves without making it too obvious. He LOVED them and wears them to the office all the time.

Another time I came in after my boyfriend had given me dangling emerald earrings. The stones were gorgeous, but I never wear dangling earrings. I asked Karenna to take out the stones and make studs. We went back and forth trying to find the right fit, and she was so patient with me. Eventually we landed on yellow gold studs with a milgrain lip around the stone. I wear them all the time. She is the best. I highly recommend working with Karenna for any and all of your custom jewelry design needs. -Lauren from Boston, MA

How to design & draw a ring?

Ring design can be a little challenging because rings are small in scale and all of your ideas might not fit on a single ring. Contact Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection in Belmont’s Cushing Square to find out how to bring your custom ring ideas to life. Show us your ring drawings or inspiration photos and we can help you choose which elements will work best together. From there we can start by drawing you a ring model or a CAD rendering. Be sure to know what metal type you want, what stone and cut, and finally if you want a bezel or a prong setting.

How to design a bracelet?

What type of custom bracelet are you thinking make? To design a beaded bracelet, you can sign up for one of our private jewelry making classes. We will help you measure your wrist and figure out the layout of your beads. We will also instruct about which clasp to use and how to attach it. If you are interested in making a metal bracelet, we also have private metalsmithing classes to help you master this skill. We can help you make a cuff bracelet or a stack of bangles. Or if you simply want us to make it for you, we can do that as well! We can make everything from a beaded bracelet to a metal one, and everything in between. Give us a  call 617.484.0645 or email if you prefer to make arrangements before visiting us in Belmont, MA. We will be happy to talk over all of your custom design ideas and make them into stunning jewelry.

What about Jewelry design software?

There are many different types of jewelry design software (CAD- Computer Aided Design) out there. Some of the most popular are RhinoJewel, RhinoGold, Matrix, 3Design, Firestorm, JewelCAD, Blender, and TinkerCAD. At Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection we work with Rhino for custom jewelry making. You can see some of our CAD renderings and finished pieces side-by-side below.

Custom Jewelry Design CAd Gallery










Jewelry designers near me?

In the gallery portion of Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection, we showcase the work of over 40 jewelry designers from the greater Boston, MA area. They have work ranging from semi-precious beads and gold, to resin and sterling silver. Come into the shop to see our ever changing offerings from these artists, as well as our expanding jewelry selection from new artists!