Jewelry Care

When it comes to jewelry care, every piece of our jewelry is unique and at times needs special care to keep it looking its best.

Below are some care guidelines to help you keep your jewelry in its best condition.

General Care

Clean your jewelry as often as you can. Using a professional jewelry cleaning product that is non-abrasive and prevents tarnish.

Remove jewelry before taking a bath, showering, exercising, cleaning the house, swimming, outdoor work, makeup application and going to bed. Once removed, wipe your jewelry pieces with a soft cleaning cloth to eliminate the natural body oils.

Always try to avoid contact with any sort of chemicals‚ such as bleach and sea-salt water‚ hair spray, perfume‚ lotions‚ home cleansers etc.

Jewelry can very easily tarnish when sprayed with perfume or hair styling products so it is best that your jewelry is the last thing you put on when getting dressed to leave the house.

Also, do not use toothpaste to clean jewelry, regardless what you may have heard.

Gold Jewelry Care

Keep your gold jewelry away from crude chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning detergents. These chemicals will cause erosion, discoloration and  shorten gold’s shine. Store your gold pieces separately in soft pouch or cloth bags to protect them from the exposure to harsh elements. If you jewelry is heavy scratched and there is nothing you can do about it, Karenna offers a thorough re-polishing service.

Caring for Pearls

Pearls can keep their beautiful luster for many years, with the right care. Proper care of pearls is not difficult and is just a matter of remembering the basics that pearls are organic by nature, grown in water from living cells of a living creature. In other words they require moisture and do not like the heat so store them in a pouch away from any sort of heat. Never expose your pearls to water with chlorine.


Gemstones are fascinating objects. A gemstone is a pure and tangible concentrate of value, which never loses its appeal, whether as an ornamental object, a collector’s item, or simply an investment.

Gemstones – Beauty

Beauty is essentially a subjective concept. The appreciation of precious stones is commonly based on objective criteria, like the play of colors, color, transparency, and high reflectivity.

Gemstones – Rarity

Rarity too is a criterion which has more to do with the beholder than the beheld. It is connected to that part of human nature that prefers things that are hard to come by. Despite their intrinsic qualities, no one would wear rubies for ornamentation if they were as common as pebbles on the beach.

The remaining two properties—hardness and chemical resistance are truly objective because they are physical and chemical.

Gemstones – Hardness and Chemical Resistance

Hardness is essential to a gemstone as scratching of the surface or abrasion of the edges would spoil its appearance. Similarly, poor chemical resistance would eventually lead to partial disintegration, depriving the stone of value by destroying its brilliance.

A gemstone has both subjective and objective properties, fact and fantasy, fashion, superstition, and reality. Gemstones have defied the passage of time and will surely continue to fascinate future generations.