Martha Seely was born in Syracuse New York, but has been a New England resident since early childhood living outside of Boston for the last 25 years. She lived abroad for a number of years and travels whenever possible – bringing back ideas to use in her life and art.

For much of her career life, Ms Seely was a costume designer and a stylist in the television and film business. A graduate of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Seely has now applied her talents to jewelry making and fiber art. “Making art and creating beauty have been my life and they continue to move me forward,” Seely said. Color, light, energy, and subtle grace mark the quality of her creations.

Martha Seely Artist Statement

Art comes not from my brain, but from my heart.

And much of my heart and soul is filled with color, texture, style and beauty.

Creating jewelry allows me to play and experiment. It makes me happy. I use the style and fashion sense I developed over the many years I spent as a costume designer and stylist to create jewelry that is feminine and wearable.

In creating jewelry, there is a wonderful combination of design and process.

With each new piece I begin with metal and gemstones. The colors and energy of the gemstones are what capture me initially. They can be intense or soft; they are made by nature, but like flowers, many of their colors seem not to be from the earth at all.

I confess, what really inspires me is their sparkle. It is the sparkle that brings out the girly-girl inside me. When I was in graduate school we had a saying – “in the heart of every (costume) designer, there is a sequin.” I don’t use sequins in my jewelry, but I think that the underlying feeling still holds true for me and is what keeps me enthralled with my chosen materials.

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