Laure Goldberg started L’OR as a way to take her love of jewelry making more seriously. She began working with metals and stones seventeen years ago in the Wellesley, MA, public schools, but recently she turned her hobby into a business. She manufactures some pieces at her home workbench overlooking Beacon Street in Boston. As a studiomate at Metalwerx in Waltham, Laure Goldberg creates more labor-intensive pieces with specialty equipment and peer input.

Laure Goldeberg Philosophy

Whether walking around Boston, running an errand, or having trouble sleeping, Laure is constantly dreaming up new designs. Therefore, you will see quite a variety of styles, techniques, and textures in her work as she continues to experiment and play. Laure Goldberg also enjoys working one-on-one to design custom pieces with your own personal touch. Look for her new line of neckties coming out soon!

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