Anniversary Gemstones List

Anniversary GemsShop for Jewelry by Gemstone

1st– Gold

The first anniversary is so sweet, and so is the first anniversary gemstone on our list. Starting a new life together might mean watching every penny. For this anniversary we suggest a simple gold necklace or bracelet as a nice gift for her, while a gold chain or cufflinks is a thoughtful gift for him.

2nd– GarnetGarnet gemstone

Garnets come in a few colors- pink, yellow, green and varying shades of red. Red is the most popular color and it is a hard stone (mohs scale 6.5-7.5), so it can be used in any style of jewelry including rings, bracelets or even earrings. It looks great in white gold and platinum. 

3rd– PearlPearl Gemstones

Cultured & natural pearls are beautiful and luminescent. Natural pearls are more expensive than cultured because they are found naturally. Pearls come in a variety of colors- pink, blue, green, gold, grey and black. They make a timeless strand and a lovely pair of earrings. They are soft (mohs scale 2.5) so be extra careful when wearing them.

 4th– Blue TopazTopaz Gemstone

Topaz comes in a variety of colors. Blue was originally the most rare, but now many stones are heat treated to create the blue color. Heat treatment is permanent. London Blue is our favorite with Swiss blue in second place. Topaz is a strong stone (mohs scale 8) and can be used in any style of jewelry, like a beautiful cocktail ring.

5th– Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a classic choice. Sapphires come in many colors- white, pink, green and purple. Many sapphires are heat treated to get the perfect color and it is permanent. It is a very hard (mohs scale  9) and durable gem. They are well-liked as a gemstone in earrings and rings.

6th– Amethyst

Purple is the most popular color of Amethyst. The shades of purple can lean more towards red or blue. But amethysts do come in a nice color green. Amethyst are popular in all types of jewelry because they are relatively hard (mohs scale 7). A nice gift for would be a checkerboard cut amethyst in a gold setting.

 7th– OnyxOnyx Gemstone

Onyx is a durable stone (mohs scale 7) prevalent in men’s jewelry. An onyx inlay ring with a diamond accent would make a special gift. Onyx looks good with both white and yellow gold.

 8th– TourmalineWatermelon Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmalines come in any color you can dream in. Our favorite is the watermelon tourmaline, which is a parti-colored gem. It gets the name from being a mix of color- the center is red and outside green, just like a watermelon. Tourmalines are often heated or irradiated to create the colors permanent. They are strong, a 7 on the mohs scale. A wonderful necklace of watermelon tourmalines would be a showstopper.

9th– Lapis LazuliLapis Gemstone

Deep blue lapis lazuli has been prized since antiquity for its intense color. It is mined predominantly in Afghanistan. Round lapis beads (mohs scale 5-6) with gold spacers make a stunning gift. We also love a piece of lapis set in a classic gold bezel pendant.

10th– Diamond

Ten years is a mile stone anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to buy an eternity diamond anniversary band. Diamonds are the hardest natural material (mohs scale 10).  Everything looks better with diamonds!

11th– TurquoiseTurquoise Gemstone

Turquoise comes in a variety of green and blue shades (mohs scale 5-6). It has been used in jewelry for centuries, especially with silver, but we also love it with copper. It is synonymous with the Southwest in the US. Turquoise looks great on women and men and also is a nice touch on a money clip or belt buckle.

12th– Jade

Jade is popular around the world and is most prized in China and Japan. Green is the most prevalent color, but lavender and yellow are also beautiful (mohs scale 6). It is often carved in charms, beads, bangles and cabochon stones. A lovely pendant or ring with jade makes a great gift.

 13th– Citrine

Citrines are a wonderfully happy color and are affordable (mohs scale 7). They range from yellow to a yellow-orange. You could have one set in either yellow gold or perhaps in platinum with diamonds. Citrine earrings with diamond accents are sure to make her smile.

 14th– OpalOpal Gemstone

An anniversary gemstone favorite.  There is a play of colors within an opal that is mesmerizing. Flashes of rainbow colors in different lights makes the opal a great center gem in a piece of jewelry. The most common color is milky white with multi-color bursts (mohs scale 5.5-6.5). We would recommend a large pendant with a single accent color stone of your choice.

 15th– Ruby

Rubies stand for passion and fire. They are found in colors ranging from from pinks to deep reds (mohs scale 9). Many rubies that you find today are heat treated to improve their color and clarity. Rubies can be placed into any type of jewelry but we especially love a badass cocktail ring.

16th– PeridotPeridot Gemstone

Comes in a variety of green colors but they do lean towards lighter, brighter greens like spring grass. Both yellow and white metals look great with peridots (mohs scale 6.5-7). A sparkly step cut square stone would look wonderful in an elegant setting.


17th – Amethyst

Amethyst Gemstone

 18th– Cat’s Eye

Round cabochon cat’s eyes are truly cool (mohs scale 8). They have a straight line across the stone caused by tiny mineral fibers that catch the light just right and make it look like a cat’s eye. The narrow band of light shifts as you move your eyes over the gem. Cat’s eye could look great in a yellow gold ring setting so that you can admire and enjoy the stone yourself!

 19th– AquamarineAquamarine Gemstone

From clear, pale blue to darker blue and even to shades of green, aquamarine looks like the sparkling ocean waters of the sea (mohs scale 7.5-8). Really beautiful stones are dark blue in color and don’t have any visible inclusions. An aquamarine set in a pendant or ring with tiny diamond would make a great gift.

 20th– Emerald

One of the classic anniversary gemstones, emeralds are a gorgeous color green and look great in emerald cuts. Most emeralds are highly included, so their resistance to breakage is generally poor; even though they are a 7.5-8 on the mohs scale. Emeralds are often treated with oils, paraffin and resin to fill inclusions and fissures. A wonderful ring or pair of earrings would make a remarkable gift.

21st– IoliteIolite Gemstone

Iolite is a blue to violet color stone (mohs scale 7-7.5). This stone is very pretty and almost looks like a cross between an amethyst and a tanzanite. It tends to be overlooked by the more popular blue/purple stones. Set in yellow gold these gemstones would make a stunning pair of earrings.

 22nd– Spinel

Spinels come in a variety of colors, and are durable (mohs scale 8) and affordable. The most popular colors are pink, blue, purple, red and black. We love a necklace of tiny black spinels with white diamond accents.

 23rd– Imperial TopazImperial Topaz Gemstone

Imperial topaz is a topaz tone that ranges in color from yellow to a deep golden color, like cognac. This is the rarest color of topaz (mohs scale 8). It can vary in value depending on size and quality. We suggest a piece of jewelry with an Imperial topaz as the focal point and then a toast with a fine bottle of cognac.

 24th– TanzaniteTanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite is a beautiful stone with a blue/purple color tone. It looks wonderful with either yellow or white gold. It was first found in the late 1960’s, making it a very young stone (mohs scale 6.5). Tanzanites are often heat treated to improve the color. A large tanzanite would be a great focal point of an artistic pendant.

 25th– Silver

Silver jubilee is a milestone anniversary. There are so many silver jewelry options, and the cost of silver is very reasonable that it can make a good gift for men and women. Of maybe you just want to embrace the color and buy your significant other a silver colored watch.

 30th– Pearl

The pearl jubilee is great marker in a relationship. Pearls are formed over time with many layers built on top of each other and is a great symbol for your relationship & the love that has grown. Pearls are made from nacre which gives the pearls their iridescence & radiance. Pearls are also the 3rd anniversary gemstone, so now is time to upgrade your gift. If it was small pearl pendant then, maybe this calls for a full strand of pearls. Don’t be afraid to play with color as well, as there are many options beyond white.

35th– EmeraldEmerald Gemstone

Emerald pops up again for the 35th anniversary, having also been a previous anniversary gemstone, and that’s because it’s a classic. If you bought her an emerald ring for the 20th anniversary, it is time for a matching bracelet. This gem stone is truly a winner!

40th– RubyRuby Gemstone

Ruby is another repeat anniversary gemstone. It is the stone for the 15th anniversary as well. Rubies are famous for their color. The presence of chromium in the stone is the main cause for the color. Rubies are considered one of the 4 precious gem stones, along with emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Create a special custom ring that is sure to turn heads.

 45th– Sapphire

Sapphire is also the 5th anniversary gemstone, but you are sure to dazzle this time around with a cornflower blue color sapphire set in a platinum. The cornflower blue sapphire along with the rare orange-pink Padparadscha sapphire are the most valuable and most sought after.

 50th– Gold

A perfect excuse to deck your loved one in gold! Perhaps a gold watch or a sturdy gold chain that can be worn with everything. Gold not only comes in yellow & white, but also pink and green. So don’t be afraid to branch out or create a mixed metal piece.

 55th– AlexandriteAlexandite Gemstone

This color change stone is truly remarkable. It changes from purplish-red to tealish-blue in different lights (mohs scale 8.5). This stone is named after a Russian czar and it is rare and valuable. There are lab created versions of this stone, with better price points, but there is no way to capture the true color change of a natural stone. A large ring is the perfect choice for this gem, so that the wearer can truly appreciate the color themselves.

60th– DiamondDiamond Gemstone

Diamonds are also the stone for the 10th anniversary, but by now it’s time for an upgrade. Redesign a diamond ring to make it more modern or add some extra details to make it more elaborate. Celebrate in style, you deserve it!

65th– Sapphire

Here is another opportunity to get a wow with sapphires. This time, instead of a blue, you can give your loved one all of the colors of the rainbow. Sapphires come in so many colors that there is no better way to show you care.

Multi Color Sapphire Gemstone

70th– Platinum

Platinum is a hard and rare white metal. Because so little of it is mined each year it is highly valuable and is a major precious metal commodity. Show your significant other how much you have enjoyed their companionship, all these years together, with a bracelet or a pair of earrings.

75th– SapphireBlue Sapphire Gemstone

80th– Ruby

After 80 years a large gorgeous ruby pendant with a diamond halo would be a spectacular gift. If not now, then when!