Karenna Maraj opened her Belmont jewelry shop in 2010.

Opening a jewelry collection was a dream from the minute I started studying at the Rhode Island School of Design.  At the shop, I feature a wide selection of unique pieces from local designers who share my philosophy of making customers feel unique and special. Today Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection represents 42 local artists.  Each of the artists is known for his or her distinct style and use of materials. All work is handmade and is one-of-a-kind or of limited production.

I also offer a full service jewelry store with jewelry repairs, watch battery replacement, engraving, jewelry cleaning, jewelry classes & custom engagement rings and wedding bands in addition to custom jewelry projects such as engagement ring redesigns, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and more!

What makes our Belmont Jewelry Shop stand out?

I would like to say I knew what made my business stand out from the start. I thought it was because of my education and my dedication to quality, craft, and excellence. All of that does play a role, but customers have told me they enjoy working with me because they never feel intimidated by the process.

I live and breathe jewelry every day. Sharing my passion with other customers is a privilege. It’s nice to hear customers agree.

Rather than dictate how a project should go, I like to lay out all the options–giving the benefits of each. From there, I trust my customers to make a decision that reflects their personal style, finances, and preference. I am honored and grateful for every project that comes in the door from watch battery replacements to diamond rings. Each project is special to me. A friend of mine always loves to say that I bring as much enthusiasm to my $30 projects as I do to my $10,000 ones. That to me is the greatest compliment.

I hope my Belmont jewelry shop continues to serve the community for many decades to come. I look forward to see you in Cushing Square. Be sure to walk around the square and visit the wonderful shops and restaurants surrounding my store.

Thank you for visiting our website. We work hard to be inclusive of all people. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to give use a call (617.484.0645), email or stop into the store.