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Katy Scudieri attended Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a BA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. But her education began much earlier with her father who began teaching her at the age of 13 how to sculpt jewelry models for production. Since graduation she has worked for a number of industrial level jewelry companies and is now endeavoring to someday have a "Quit Your Day Job" article with her name on it! At the moment, the day job is Director of Product Development at a local chain and jewelry manufacturing company. Can't get enough!

Lately, I've been seeing quite an aquatic theme through much of my work; from the Ripple series, to the "Must be Raindrops" set, Silver Lining, and even some of my words (Tepid, etc.). It may be due to my current residence in a small coastal village (we live a block from a tiny beach), but my honest opinion is that water is the most attractive element, and therefore easiest to find inspiration in. I'll be expanding on this theme more with upcoming work. I'd also like to delve into the challenges that other elements could present (earth, wind, fire).

My words may be tapering off, despite the fact that so many people seem to enjoy them. I will continue to carry a few choice ones, and perhaps new ones will pop up from time to time as I find words that I absolutely must commit to metal!

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