Square Stitch Bracelet

This is stitch is an alternative to using a loom. You will make a bracelet using two different colors. With this technique you make a variety of patterns and designs.

Suitable for: Beginners
Length: 1.5 hours
2 colors of seed beads size 8 or 6, Delica beads size 8 or 10, stringing material, size 10 needle, clasp. Kits will be available starting at $6.00 or Supplies can also be purchased at Ancient Moon, 409 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA

To register please contact Karenna Maraj Collection: tel 617.484.0645 or email at karenna@karennamaraj.com

OR Susan Wade: tel 617.538.7744 or email at mnbeads@yahoo.com


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