Tara Mazer Jewelry Artist

My first foray into the rough world of professional art was in the third grade. I had
a booming business selling customized lengths of braided yarn on the playground.
The prices were reasonable (5 cents per inch), my customers were satisfied, and I
got to spend recess doing something I truly enjoyed. However, after a few weeks,
“the man” (also known as Mrs. Covington) deemed my economic ventures to be
inappropriate for the jungle gym. I was dismayed and frustrated. Why could I not
share my artistic vision with the world?

Luckily, this minor setback did not squelch my growing passion for art. Throughout
my life, I have experimented with many different forms of art: painting,
photography, precious metal clay, and stained glass paneling. The unique nature
of each medium has allowed me to explore and develop my artistic viewpoint. Yet
I never felt artistically “fulfilled” by any single form. That is, until I found polymer

After taking a weeklong intensive seminar on polymer clay at the renowned
Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts about 2 years ago, I was hooked. Since
then, I have been working primarily in polymer clay and focusing on functional
jewelry and accessories. I think of my pieces as simultaneously whimsical and
highly structured. Principles of color theory and patternmaking greatly inform my
aesthetic approach. I rarely use canes, instead preferring to stitch together each
item individually. My designs and influences are constantly changing as I discover
the myriad capabilities of this versatile medium.

I hope that you experience the same joy in wearing my pieces as I experienced in
creating them. Perhaps now Mrs. Covington would approve.

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