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Susanne Greelish Collection

Susanne Greelish, founder and creator of Boston Bracelets

Susanne had never worn bracelets because they were always too small and uncomfortable. After mastering the fine art of bead crocheting, she created a bracelet that not only fit perfectly, but wouldn’t stay on her wrist. That’s right. Every time she wore her custom made bracelet, strangers would come up to her and buy it right off her wrist!

After that, Susanne knew she had something that women were looking for and a few months later, Boston Bracelets was born. Susanne has created a bracelet that is not only eye-catching, but also comfortable and elegant in its simplicity. Her first design was silver on one side and gold and silver on the other side, allowing the bracelet to complement any outfit. After experimenting with blue Swarovski crystals to design a bracelet for a friend’s wedding, she quickly realized that by adding crystals she could expand the beauty of the basic design. She now creates custom designs in a wide variety of colored crystals.

“What started as an attempt to make a bracelet that would work just for me has lead to a bracelet that works for everyone. It is so exciting to see more and more people wearing them. The biggest surprise for those who have bought my bracelets is how comfortable they are. I love hearing that!”

Buy it because it’s beautiful – wear it because it’s comfortable.

Elegance you can wear everyday!

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