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I was born and brought up in the country of beauty: Italy. In addition to my home country, I have been lucky enough to live in Israel, London and now Boston. I have traveled to different corners of the world, and along the way I have collected inspiration, materials and a passion for beautiful, and well-crafted jewelry. My passion started as a young child... I remember my mother wearing a long strand of pearls around her neck and how they would so effortlessly translate into her daily life. I'd often ask to wear them, even if just for a few short moments and I thought they had the power to instantly transform me into the most elegant woman. In my eyes they still maintain that power: the ability to be worn with equal ease everyday and for a special occasion with balance and beauty.

My parents were always passionate enough about the beauty in this world to kindly train my eye and allow for my own taste to develop. When I visit them back in my beloved Italy, I am continually in awe of the inspiration that emanates from every angle as I walk through the small alleys and the squares of il Centro Storico in Verona, exploring open air markets and boutiques. Many of my gems were bought on those walks.

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