Rimma Zaika-Veksler Jewelry Artist

Rimma Zaika-Veksler Collection

Rimma Zaika-Veksler is an artist and designer of handmade, one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry and accessories. A Cum Laude graduate from Northeastern University, Rimma received her degrees in Biology and Art History but her passion for fashion design led her to a completely different career. What started out as a part-time design job while in school later blossomed into a full time occupation and the creation of a well-established business with her own label.

Rimma’s work has been featured on several ABC morning shows and has been carried by prestigious stores in New England, New York, Chicago, Florida and Los Angeles. Boston Woman Magazine honored her as one of Boston’s 100 most interesting women; her creations were published by some of the leading yarn companies as well as in the industry magazine, Woman's World and Fashion Knitting. As Ruth Khowais once wrote in the Patriot Ledger, "Fashion and art are often interchangeable. This is especially true in the work of Rimma Zaika who creates artistically designed knitwear".

Taking a hiatus to start a family, Rimma returned to design launched a new line of semi-precious stone jewelry, beads, bracelets, earrings. Consistent with her original line of all-natural knitwear, Rimma uses only natural fibers and stones in all of her jewelry creations. The fresh, clever selection and beautiful combinations of materials in her jewelry presents a work of art by itself: lace agates, shimmering pearls, sparkling amethysts and quartzes, sunny ambers. Her latest collection of accessories includes capes, shawls, wraps and long scarves designed for contemporary women, and can be worn in place of bulky winter coats and jackets (and can be organically combined with her jewelry sets). A variety of natural fibers and colors are embraced, including wools, mohairs, alpacas, and cashmere, with some playfully embellished with novelty yarns and fur strips.

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