Mette Schwartz Jewelry Artist

Mette Schwartz is a Boston area native, grew up in Cambridge, and has also spent much of her life on Cape Cod. She holds a doctorate in geology, and worked for many years in environmental sciences. Mette’s art is largely inspired by the natural world, and strongly influenced by her lifelong connection to the Outer Cape.

“My work tends to incorporate textures and shapes from nature. I live very much in the worlds of Earth, plants, and animals. Sometimes I’m able to combine these with concepts and themes that speak to me from current issues and modern fiction. That’s when I feel that I’ve really created a successful piece.”

Although Mette works in other artistic media, she enjoys metal’s properties of balance between rigidity and flexibility. “As a medium, it  has just the right amount of forgiveness for me.” Mette works from her home studio in Arlington, MA.

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