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Lauren Galli Kelebesa
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Lauren Galli Kelebesa. Lauren was born and raised on the South Shore in Massachusetts and attended Northeastern University in Boston. Although Lauren’s degree is in Criminal Justice and Political Science she has always considered herself more of a crafter in her very essence. Although her days were spent being analytical her free time was always being filled with different creative projects. After learning of jewelry making she filled every free moment experimenting with different designs. After amassing a collection of jewelry LGK Designs was created in 2010.

I’ve always been interested and involved in the art of creation from crocheting to mosaic design. In 2010 I invested in a jewelry making kit and just fell in love. I quickly sought out and experimented with different methods of jewelry making. Currently I am enamored with wire wrapping although I plan continually on broadening my approach including silver smithing. I am inspired by everything. Generally I don’t like to plan my work ahead of time. I purchase items that catch my eye and figure out what to do with them later. When it’s time for me to make a piece I sit down and see what strikes me. I am currently living with my husband on the South Shore and we are expecting our first child in the spring.

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