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Jennifer Rayburn is an interior designer, metal smith and enamellist living in Malden, MA. Jennifer grew up in the farming country of south eastern Washington State, characterized by National Geographic as "A Paradise called the Palouse". This early influence created a lifelong love of folk art and native America art and craft as well as teaching the importance of nature, storytelling and elegant simplicity. "Design for me is a process of creating playfully graceful visual forms with materials that are inspiring and delightful.

As a practicing interior designer, for both residential and commercial clients, Jennifer enjoys playing with color, combining textures, and contrasting contemporary against traditional. Inspired by natural materials , vernacular architecture and indigenous peoples, Jennifer creates each of her unique pieces, using precious and semi-precious stones, vintage findings and beads, leather, linen, silk and sterling silver. A variety of different hammering, forming, patina and enamel techniques are used to fabricate and decorate the jewelry. Each one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry piece is individually designed, hand formed and constructed - striving to balance beauty and function. Jennifer studied art and design at the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts.

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