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Alicia Mcconaha Jewelry Collection

The jewelry is carefully constructed with luxurious semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver or gold filled components, and an array of quality glass beads. The craftsmanship brings together a mix of contrasting shapes and colors to create an elegant yet versatile accessory.The culmination of experimentation, experience, and a love of creating something beautiful for other people to wear is how AM designs came to fruition. I have been creating jewelry for the past 20 years. I began in a high school jewelry making class which incorporated metalworking with semi-precious gemstones. One day while I was seeking out jewelry making supplies, I came across a bead wholesaler not far from where I grew up. I took a trip to their store and as I entered this little wooden building I was overwhelmed by the volume of semi-precious gemstone beads hanging from every available inch of space on each wall in the store. The beads were in shiny colors, muted shades, and all shapes imaginable.I left the store that day with bags full of beads. I researched and taught myself stringing techniques.Please see my profile for all my jewelry.

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